Proper Carpet Care with Safe Carpet Cleaners Improves Your Indoor Environment

There's no avoiding dirt, bacteria and grime that pollute all carpets. Even if you banish the pets to the yard and make the family - and visitors - walk around in socks... and even if you are conscientious about vacuuming and calling in a professional carpet cleaners Las Vegas on a regular basis, the cycle begins again as soon as the carpet cleaners leave the premises and the carpet cleaning process is complete. Dead skin cells, hair, food particles, germs, and more succumb to the force of gravity and fall to your carpets' surface all the time, pushed down to the base of the carpet with every step.

The effect of this perfectly normal state of events is relatively minor in most cases. Carpet pollution, when kept in check, will not cause asthma, allergy attacks or any other negative side effect. That said, a dirty, polluted carpet looks bad, smells bad and will aggravate existing respiratory conditions. When standard carpet cleaning measures are abandoned the result can be the complex health issues. If you suffer frequent headaches, difficulty breathing, poor sleep, coughing or general respiratory distress, consult your doctor and schedule and appointment with your carpet cleaners to evaluate the state of your carpet health. Experienced carpet cleaners will give you a comprehensive plan for keeping your carpet - and your family - healthy.

Safe Carpet Cleaners - Dealing with Carpet Pollution on a Daily Basis

A good vacuuming will help, but vacuums cannot replace carpet cleaners. They do not have enough power to suck up minute debris that has fallen below the surface to be subsequently ground in by every step you take; or the microscopic organisms (dust mites) that gave been found to live, breed and die in large colonies carpets. Food spills left untreated, or only partially addressed, can lead to carpet beetle infestation. In addition, over use or misuse of commercial and professional grade carpet cleaners can pose health safety risks as well as cause damage to your carpets.

Safe Carpet Cleaners or Cleaning Safely

It is important to choose a carpet cleaning method that does not amplify the problem by introducing additional pollutants. The two most popular carpet and rug cleaning methods used today are carpet shampooing and steam cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing Method

Carpet shampooers are very accessible and easy to rent, however they may require the use of chemicals or harsh detergents which not only pollute your indoor breathing environment, and they also leave behind unpleasant, toxic reminders. Generally, the carpet shampooing process distributes a wet shampoo onto the carpet which is later washed out or left to dry and then vacuumed. It has been found that traces of shampoo remain on the carpet and actually lead to a quicker recurrence of staining.

Additionally, overwetting - a common by product of this process - can have dire consequences: improper drying will inevitably lead to the growth of mold and mildew. If you are set on using a carpet shampooer, make sure you follow all instructions regarding protective gear and be sure to provide adequate ventilation for your space.

Steam Cleaning Method

Professional carpet cleaning may seem more expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. The best carpet cleaning outfits opt for carpet steam cleaners to take care of all your carpet upholstery cleaning and are well trained in their use. Consumer grade carpet steamers are available and should be used in households with pets or a history of respiratory distress. They do not, however, eliminate the need for professional care on a regular basis.

Professional grade, high powered carpet cleaning machines use the eco-friendly cleaning power of steam for carpet and rug cleaning. In fact, steam cleaners can be used on practically all household surfaces without introducing any dangerous chemicals into your indoor environment.

Preventing Health Damage

When researching service providers to use in your home, be sure to double check that they use eco-friendly carpet cleaners and methods. Find out about saving money on packages that include more than carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning (like mattress cleaning, window treatments and more). Mention your health and safety concerns and insist that your questions are answered satisfactorily.

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