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Rugs are an important element of home d'ecor. In addition to adding color, warmth and dimension to a room, they perform a protective function as well. Rugs guard underlying floor surfaces by providing a protective layer between the floor and furniture legs or human feet - and the residue they carry on the soles of their shoes.

Rug Care

Though rugs come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics and fibers, rug care by rug cleaning Las Vegas is relatively similar throughout the range.

  • All rugs require regular vacuuming and/or sweeping to remove surface dirt and dust.
  • All rugs should be rotated to prevent uneven wear.
  • All rugs should be protected from over exposure to sun.
  • All rugs should be kept dry - wet rugs are breeding grounds for mold, mildew and fungus.
  • All carpets should be cleaned (washed) at least once a year - more in high traffic areas.

Cleaning Rug

In most cases, rugs should be cleaned using professional equipment, materials and methodology. For this reason, rug cleaning Las Vegas services include free pickup and delivery for most rugs, allowing us to properly evaluate your rug and then use the best procedure for the best results.

When rugs are too big to be brought into rug cleaning Las Vegas plant, we bring the cleaning plant to you. Cleaning technicians will meticulously clean your rugs using commercial grade truck mounted extraction equipment. This cleaning method flushes out all the dirt, eliminates spots and stains, and leaves your rugs smelling fresh. Scrupulous water extraction means quick drying times. Once the rug is dried, it is brushed or vacuumed once again, as needed.

Special Rug Cleaning Services - Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

  • Persian and oriental rugs, as well as handmade and specialty rugs, often have a fringe or some other type of framing finish. Since the outer edge of all rugs is particularly prone to dirt and dust, we at rug cleaning Las Vegas treat these areas with extra care when cleaning. If necessary, we can also provide fringe repair services.
  • Excessive animal odors or pet stains may require extra cleaning.
  • During the evaluation phase of the cleaning process rug cleaning Las Vegas team may determined that your rug requires hand-cleaning.

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