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How to Maintain Your Carpet Cleaning Health

Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas understands that replacing the entire carpet eliminates any need for chemicals, but there are other ways of keeping your carpet healthy. Any type of flooring beneath the carpet is easier to maintain and clean. A wall-to-wall carpet floor is a desired haven for dust, dirt, mold and harmful contaminants. The area of the home most affected is the kitchen, bathroom, basement and bedroom. Using a machine-washable throw rug to cover the tile or wood floor greatly minimizes the use of dangerous chemicals.

A possible preventative measure for transferring pollutants to the carpet is to persuade family members to wipe their feet before entering. To ensure the carpet is not polluted, you may need to use a long, narrow mat that runs from the entrance to about three strides inside the house for those who may not want to conform to the rule. Most of the dirt will unload on the mat instead of the carpet.

Pollutants stick to shoes and are emptied on to the carpet. Therefore, your family members should either remove their shoes at the door or wear something on their feet while inside the house; whether a house shoe, slippers or socks. This is preferred because going bare foot can deposit the skin's natural oil on the floor to attract more dirt.

Using a vacuum regularly will help to get rid of dust mites that will bring on an allergy attack in no time. A vacuum that has strong suction power along with firm rotating brushes and a good filter will eliminate the surface dirt on carpets before it gets deep inside the carpet. The art to vacuuming is to vacuum one spot more than once especially the areas that have been heavily trafficked. The edge of the carpet and alongside the wall needs thorough vacuuming to get the accumulated dust there.

Spills on the carpet should be immediately cleaned to avoid staining. Without rubbing the area, clean liquid spills with a paper towel or clean white towel. Sticky stuff should be scraped with a spoon or flat object. Apply a mixture of 1-cup warm water and 1/2-teaspoon dish washing liquid to a clean white towel and blot the carpet spill until the stain is removed. Now, you can rinse with a mixture of a few teaspoons of white vinegar to one-cup water and blot with a different clean towel.

Stains caused by red wine are removed using club soda. Ice cube hardens gum and candle dripping and makes it easier to scrape off. Baking soda, cornstarch and corn meal removes grease stains when applied for about six hours or overnight and then vacuumed. Baking soda also helps to remove carpet odor. 1/3 cup vinegar and 2/3 cup warm water mixed together will remove any stain. Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol should be used only if necessary. Be sure to test before use.

Steam cleaning carpet with pure hot water will get rid of most of the dirt without having to use any detergents or if you have to, use mild detergent. 1 cup white vinegar and 2-1/2 gallons water mixture can be also used to remove any carpet residues caused from previous shampooing. Don't steam clean during the winter or a hot day because you can't open windows and you want to have proper ventilation for quick drying time and to prevent any molding.

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