Carpet Cleaning Services

Want to Clean your Carpets professionally?

Our carpet cleaning service has serviced many of the citizens of Vegas for over 12 years. Our technicians are well trained and would be glad to give you a free estimate on cleaning right at your home.

Unique Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Steam Cleaning- The most through method for cleaning indoor carpets. With our unique shampoo solutions and truck mounted gear we are able to remove any stain you might have. This cleaning method is Eco friendly, child and pet safe and is recommended for most house holds.

Carpet Dry Cleaning- Recommended for more delicate fabrics and with absolutely no drying time this method is preferred for lighter traffic area's which should be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning- With this method we use a special dry foam solution that we agitate into the carpet with circular scrubbing and simultaneously we vacuum the small amount of residue. With this method we can deal with really hard to remove stains such as with stains, coffee stains and blood stains.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning- For quick results we spray an Encapsulating substance on the carpet and let it dry for 15 minutes while it attracts all the dust particles from the base of the carpet. After this we vacuum the carpet and you can use it immediately.

Scheduling a Carpet Cleaning Session

It's easy to get a free estimate or a in home inspection. Just call our service at 702-448-7621.

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