Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas FAQ

I want to purchase my first expensive rug. Is there anything I should know before making a choice?

You are right in choosing an expensive carpet, provided that the seller can guarantee you that the carpet will not shrink during cleaning, that the color is fast and will not run or fade and that the fibers are of the highest quality. Carpets manufactured from natural fibers are usually more durable than synthetics.

I wish to lay down wall-to-wall carpets, but am afraid of high maintenance costs. Should this concern me?


Once you have decided to make the investment and install wall-to-wall carpeting, you should be prepared for professional cleaning services at least once a year. While prima facie this seems to be an expensive proposition, it is far cheaper than replacing sections of your carpet that have suffered excessive wear and tear because abrasive dust particles were left on the carpet for too long a period of time. So, the answer is emphatically NO! Protect your investment. It's worth it.

With three children in the home how can I keep my wall-to-wall carpets stain free?
Some carpets are chemically treated against staining. When small children are involved, this is always a wise option. However, even with chemically treated carpets, you will require professional cleaning from time to time as nothing is absolutely foolproof.

I am moving out of my home in a month's time. How can I leave it looking good without wasting too much energy?

Good question! The perfect answer is hire a company to do the job for you. Let's face it. No one has that little bit of extra energy after all the hassles of packing and garage sales etc.

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