Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas

Any Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas customer you ask is sure to tell you: there's nothing better for your upholstered furniture than a cleaning session from this professional organization - Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas.

Think about it. You spent a lot of time choosing just the right piece, in just the right color, from the perfect fabric to fit your d'ecor. And furniture, even at discount outlets, is not cheap. That is why upholstery cleaning is so important.

By removing the dirt, body oils and other materials that have found their way into your upholstery fabric's fibers, upholstery cleaning can add years to the life of your furniture. If you live in a home with young children, house pets or people with respiratory sensitivities, regular upholstery cleaning is also essential to insuring a healthy environment.

Home and office furnishings subject to the rigors of daily use eventually start to show signs of wear, even those that have been treated with anti-stain sprays or treatments. Spots, stains, discoloration, even odors are all symptoms that can be treated. The vast experience gleaned by Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas experts means that we know how to work with all of the currently used upholstery fabrics and fibers. We've built a name for ourselves as the local specialists for microfiber furniture cleaning and leather furniture cleaning.

Do-it-yourself upholstery cleaning?

There are several do-it-yourself cleaning products available at hardware stores, grocery stores and other retail outlets. You can even rent carpet upholstery cleaning equipment. But if you are too aggressive, or use the wrong type of product, you'll find that trying to save a few pennies will end up costing much more than anticipated.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Team

Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas has a price list that is easy on the budget, and a staff that is not only efficient, but friendly and courteous, too. We use state-of-the-art, professional grade steam-cleaning equipment to swiftly and effectively clean, deodorize and renew your furniture. Steam cleaning is an Eco-friendly, toxin-free cleaning method.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Furniture cleaning sessions include an evaluation phase - where the fabric is inspected to determine fabric requirements and pinpoint areas needing special treatment, a pre-cleaning phase - which includes vacuuming and stain treatment, cleaning and, when requested, protecting with the application of an anti-stain treatment.

Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas also provides superb car upholstery cleaning services, using the same tried and true methodology that they use on indoor upholstery. Whether you want your car to look and smell like new so it will bring a better price, to impress you passengers, or to feel better every time you drive it, there's nothing like the fresh smell of a car with clean upholstery.

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