Carpet Steam Cleaning

If you want your old carpets to look as good as new, then what you need is steam cleaning Las Vegas The treatment not only makes the carpet fluffier as they should be but sucks out all the allergens that lurk in the fine fibers as well.

Steam cleaning is one of the favorite carpet cleaning methods with professionals, manufacturers and users. The reason can be attributed to the fact that steam cleaned carpets are raised and fresh looking. The treatment gives the carpets a new life.

Steam Cleaning Process

The fundamentals of steam cleaning process are simple. A cleaning solution is injected into carpet. The solution loosens the accumulated dirt and grime, which is extracted along with the solution.

The process begins with preconditioning of carpet with an alkaline agent. This is followed by agitation with a brush after which the cleaning solution is allowed to act on the carpet fibers for a fixed period of time.

The Pre-conditioner is thoroughly rinsed out of the carpet by an automatic cleaning tool. The extraction of Pre-conditioner also extracts residue and particulate matter in the carpet. The carpet is washed with a solution of acetic acid to restore its neutral pH. The neutralization of carpet makes it soft and raised.

Extraction of the Pre-conditioner along with dissolved dirt is the most important step in steam cleaning of carpets. This method uses more water than other methods of carpet cleaning and hence there is a danger of over saturation leading to browning or de-lamination. Due to the use of more water, steam cleaning of carpets require increased drying times sometimes extending from 24 to 36 hours. The drying time can be reduced by using extra fans, outdoor ventilation and air conditioning.

Cleaning solutions used for steam cleaning are detergent based rather than soaps. Detergent based cleaning solutions can be dried to powder and crystals. Sometimes, the cleaning solutions are carbonated so as to dissolve organic material effectively. Steam cleaning is a labor intensive process and requires more than 3 to 4 hours for completion of processes correctly.

Steam Cleaning - Hot Water Extraction

Steam cleaning is the common name for hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning and does not involve actual steam. The truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine generates water heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and above. This water passes through manifolds of high pressure braided hose made of steel before coming in contact with carpet. This travel causes water to lose much of its heat and stays at only around 120 - 250 degrees Fahrenheit when used. The steam generated here is incidental. Steam cleaned carpets can be further treated with anti-soiling and anti-staining products for protection.

Complete and thorough cleaning of carpets increases their longevity. Improvement in technology have made modern steam cleaning machines efficient enough to extract lots of water thereby reducing drying time, which is the main drawback associated with steam cleaning of carpets.

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