Household Respiratory Problems - Breathe Easier In Your Own Home

Headaches, breathing difficulties, dizziness and other symptoms of respiratory distress when indoors occur to do a wide range of factors. High on the list of indoor respiratory irritants are the various components of common house dust as well as chemical residue from products and solutions used for house, upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Inefficient carpet cleaning, misuse of products, insufficient ventilation and even the installation of new carpet that has undergone chemical treatment or is made of synthetic materials can cause the onset of respiratory distress even in individuals with no prior history of respiratory issues. Many more respiratory complaints can be attributed to poor maintenance of the air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts can alleviate many of the above mentioned symptoms. By recognizing the main causes of household respiratory problems you can actually limit, and sometimes even eliminate, triggers through carpet maintenance and professional carpet upholstery cleaning.

Household Respiratory Problems Aggravators

House Dust

There is no escaping common house dust, but once you understand its makeup you might decide to try to eliminate as much as possible. It is impossible to accurately express a formula for the exact composition of the dust found in your home as it will differ from the dust found in other homes, but it is safe to say that when you see flecks of dust floating in the air, you are actually seeing the dead bodies and fecal matter of microscopic creatures called dust mites, sloughed off human/animal skin cells (dander), carpet and upholstery fibers, hair, mold spores, endotoxin carrying bacteria (common on bedroom floors) and other airborne bacteria.

Carpet Cleaning Products

Spot removers, detergents, carpet shampoos and carpet cleaning solutions are just some of the cleaning products often found in the typical U.S. household. Even if used properly (according to manufacturers' instructions in a well ventilated space), many of these standard products contain hazardous chemical such as hydrofluoric acid, tetrachloroethylene, nitrilotriacetate, nitrilotriacetic acid, perchloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene or tributyl tin. Inexperienced cleaners may mix products in an effort to achieve greater effectiveness, unknowingly releasing noxious fumes into the air.

Household Respiratory Problems - Breathe Easier

There are two basic steps that need to be taken in order to limit household respiratory problems: regular maintenance and yearly deep cleaning by carpet cleaning experts.

Carpet Cleaning Safety Rules and Regulations

In most cases, thorough, methodical vacuuming on a regular basis will take care of surface dust between professional cleanings. Vacuuming, however, will not address bacterial issues or dust mite removal. If you own pets or have severe respiratory sensitivities, you may feel the need to use a carpet steam cleaner. When this is the case, follow manufacturer guidelines to a letter and steer clear of chemicals and detergents.

When installing new carpet or cleaning carpets on your own, keep the windows open or have some other form of ventilation to help dissipate the potentially hazardous fumes. If your pets have introduced fleas or other parasites into the home, seek professional help to get rid of them. Over the counter pesticides like flea sprays or powders have limited effectiveness and will further aggravate household respiratory problems.

Professionals to the Rescue!

A reputable carpet and upholstery cleaning team that offers comprehensive services to deal with all dust, dirt, bacteria and living organism issues from furniture, floors and other household surfaces is the allergy and asthma sufferer's white knight. Armed with equipment, methodologies and products based on the latest technology and scientific breakthroughs, they can eliminate household irritants that have built up over time. Start over fresh and clean every year by having Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas team clean your furniture, mattresses, window treatments, carpets, rugs, and household surfaces.

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