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Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas offers a comprehensive car cleaning service, which includes car window cleaning, car upholstery cleaning and cleaning of leather car seats.

Many gas stations offer attractive discounted car-washing services that are great for the exterior of your car, but what about the interior? Come to think about it, what do regular car-washes do about your car's upholstery and carpet mats? Is a quick vacuum all you really need?

Car buffs and collectors know the importance of using the professional's of auto interior cleaning Las Vegas services to prolong the life of their car's upholstery and to improve the look and smell of their car's interiors. But it's important to note that using a professional auto interior cleaning service is not a luxury, it's a necessity for improving the look, feel and smell of your car's upholstery.

Car interiors are usually covered in some combination of carpet, vinyl, fabric, plastic and sometimes leather. While fabric and carpet are more susceptible to staining than plastic, vinyl or leather, all of these fabrics will eventually show signs of dirty and grime build-up and wear unless properly treated.

Professional Las Vegas Auto Interior Cleaning

Las Vegas Auto interior cleaning technicians use the same kind of equipment high-powered water extraction equipment used to clean household carpets and upholstery to eradicate spots, stains and unpleasant odors. This method utilizes the cleaning and deodorizing power of steam to loosen and remove even embedded dirt.

The auto cleaning Las Vegas crew takes extra special care with every inch of your car interior.

  • Vinyl and leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned using appropriate products.
  • Pads and mats are removed for vacuuming, washing and drying.
  • Windows and windshields (front and rear) are cleaned from the inside.
  • Upholstery is cleaned and refreshed.

These are the steps that auto interior cleaning Las Vegas team will take when cleaning the upholstery in your automobile:

  • Brush to loosen dirt and dust
  • Vacuum with commercial-grade super-strength vacuums
  • Pre-treat spots and stains as necessary
  • Wash, clean and dry seat cushions, seat backs, non-removable floor and interior carpets or padding

Make the time you spend in your car more enjoyable, have your interiors cleaned today. Call Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas at 702-448-7621 for a free estimate.

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