Fire Damage Restoration Las Vegas

The inevitable truth about fires is that no matter where they occur, no matter what their cause or size, they all leave signs of their presence. Lingering odors, discoloration, smoke damage, singing and holes cause by burning or falling cinders are several of the reminders that fire can leave behind. If that's not enough, fire extinguishing procedures often exacerbate the problem by introducing excessive amounts of water or fire extinguishing solutions onto the scene.

Once the fire has been put out and the smoke has dispersed, it's time to call in a qualified professional such as fire damage restoration Las Vegas for a thorough damage assessment. If you are considering making an insurance claim, be sure to document all damage in writing and in photographs before starting any restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration Service

  • Fire Damage Restoration Las Vegas experts have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies. Don't forget to ask them for advice and tips.
  • The next important step in successful fire restoration is to get air circulating throughout the premises. If the weather permits, open the windows. If this isn't possible, use fans for increased ventilation.
  • Fire Damage Restoration Las Vegas always use professional grade fans and air movers to boost air circulation.
  • It is also important to remove all traces of water, foam or other extinguishing formulas. Improper drying will inevitably lead to the growth of mold, mildew or fungus - all of which can cause serious illness.
  • Truck mounted water extraction machines and high-powered dehumidifiers go a long way in removing excess moisture.

Some people think that restoring interiors after a fire requires little more than elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint. This couldn't be farther than the truth. Though paint might initially cover up signs of burning or smoke damage, it won't take long before the soot comes back to the surface, bringing with it the lingering smell of smoke.

We at fire damage restoration Las Vegas have the knowledge and equipment to successfully restore your interiors, bringing them as close to their pre-fire condition as possible. Don't wait, call Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas at 702-448-7621 today.

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