Pet Stain Removal Basics - Your Pets and Your Carpets

If you think that pets and carpets go together well, think again. The best response to pet accidents of any kind is immediate action coupled with regularly scheduled professional Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas.

Pet Stain Removal - Dealing with Accidents

It's inevitable. Even well trained, well adjusted, well cared for pets sometimes have indoor accidents. In fact, millions of pet owners in America face pet stain removal and pet odor removal problems every day. But there's no need to banish your pets to the backyard or porch, do without carpets or hide your upholstery under a protective covering.

Treat animal urine, fecal matter, vomit or other stain causing excrement quickly and schedule regular carpet cleaning sessions and then you and your pets can live in perfect harmony. If you, like many pet owners, use area rugs to protect floors and carpets, frequent area rug cleaning and laundering will be required.

The importance of acting quickly when dealing with a pet stain cannot be over emphasized. Ignoring this unpleasant task until the mess has dried will result in residual, lasting damage to your carpet and upholstery such as staining, fading, and lingering foul odors.

Dealing with Pet Stain Removal

There are many carpet cleaning home remedies for dealing with pet stains. Most involve cautiously removing any solid matter (making sure you don't compound the issue by rubbing the dirt into the carpet) and then cautiously and meticulously wiping and blotting wet substances in an effort to lift them from the carpet and upholstery fibers.

Share your carpet cleaning woes with others and you will undoubtedly receive a variety of carpet stain removal home remedies and friendly suggestions using kitchen pantry basics like baking soda, salt and detergent or even fabric softener. But sometimes there's no escaping the need for a specialized spot removal product. A quick trip to the supermarket, home improvement store or pet store will glean a wide variety of products to choose from. Which is best for you?

Choosing the Right Pet Stain Removal Product

Once you've exhausted eco-friendly DIY pet stain removal treatments you face a daunting decision. Which of the many carpet cleaners will work for you? Will any carpet cleaning stain remover work for you? Will it work with your carpet cleaning equipment (carpet steam cleaner or shampooer)? What is the difference between an enzyme-based treatment and one that is oxygen activated? What is a 'bacteria based' spot cleaner? What about more familiar sounding chemicals like alcohol, bleach and detergent?

A basic rule of thumb is to steer clear of chemical cocktails when attaching animal stains. Their typically high acidity and specific molecular make up render these mixes ineffective in the long run. Then, look for a product that addresses your particular issue (dog messes and cat messes are different from each other and from other animals'). An enzyme based product that attacks organic matter much in the same way that enzymes react to organic matter in nature may be a good start.

Pet Stain Removal The Healthy Way

Before using any pet stain removal product be sure to test it for compatibility with carpet and upholstery fabrics and fibers. Read and follow all manufacturers' instructions carefully. Some products require dilution before use and others will lose effectiveness if diluted. And don't forget - wearing protective gear such as safety glasses or goggles and gloves can prevent needless skin or eye irritation.

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