Safe and Effective Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas believe that there comes a time in every carpet's life when it must be cleaned. Thoroughly. Deeply. Effectively. If not, it will show signs of premature aging: staining, color fading, pile flattening, mold and mildew damage or foul odors. Unfortunately, many common carpet cleaning products contain a veritable cocktail of toxic chemicals that pollute your indoor environment - and the outdoor environment - with harmful fumes and chemical residue. Every precaution should be taken to lessen the possibility of contamination while providing the proper and necessary care your carpet deserves. Las Vegas carpet cleaners propose safe and effective carpet cleaning guide.

Carpet Cleaning Products: Choose Well

  1. Are you using the right product for the job?

    If you clean your carpets frequently, you can use a mild carpet cleaning solution that will get the job done without glycol ethers, acids, corrosives or solvents.

    Professional carpet cleaning solutions should be used by professional carpet cleaners who take the necessary precautions to prevent widespread contamination. Resist using mildewcides, disinfectants and restoration products on your own. Always choose safe and effective carpet cleaning.

  2. Read the instructions before beginning.

    Once you've found the correct cleaning product(s), make sure you follow manufacturer instructions and recommendations for use.

    Measure and mix as directed and take extra care not to use excessive amounts of any product.

    Follow all safety precautions, even if they are as simple as opening a window for ventilation.

  3. Check for dangerous chemicals.

    Avoid products with the following chemicals listed among the ingredients: Hydrofluoric Acid Nitrilotriacetate / Nitrilotriacetic Acid Perchloroethylene / Tetrachloroethylene Tributyl Tin. These products are extremely harmful not only to you, but to the environment as well (tributyl tin has been banned in San Francisco).

  4. Never mix products.

    Different products are made using different formulas and varied chemical concentrations. Mixing different cleaning products can compound risks and turn a relatively harmless product into a lethal one according to Las Vegas carpet cleaners safe and effective carpet cleaning guide.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals: Practice Prevention

Layers upon layers of dirt and stains require more intense cleaning (i.e., harsher carpet cleaning chemicals). Proper maintenance can allow you to successfully avoid the need for treating your carpets with chemicals.

  1. Install mats and area rugs in doorways and other heavily trafficked areas.

    These dirt and dust traps can easily be removed for cleaning and will protect the underlying carpets.

  2. Vacuum often.

    Even daily at business location or in high traffic area. Effective vacuuming requires passing the wand over any particular patch at least ten times.

  3. Treat spots immediately.

Commercial spot removers are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to dangerous carpet cleaning chemicals. Avoid them altogether by blotting up wet stains as soon as they happen and picking up any hard matter before it has a chance to smear into the carpet.

A popular home remedy for practically any carpet stain dictates applying a paste made of baking soda and water to the stain, letting it dry and then bushing it off. When using a chemical spot remover on a stubborn stain, be sure the area is well ventilated, wear protective goggles and gloves and avoid products which include hydrofluoric acid or tetrachloroethylene.

Evaluate Green Carpet Cleaning Methods

Many outfits deliver outstanding results using environment friendly, green carpet cleaning techniques. While rotary bonnet cleaners and carpet shampooers typically use a milder range of products, excessive application of carpet shampoo or detergent leaves behind a residue on the carpet or toxic fumes in the air.

Hot water extraction has the most potential for delivering satisfying, safe, healthy results. While some organizations couple hazardous ingredients with hot water extraction methods, many have already jumped on the eco-friendly wagon, relying on the cleansing power of steam to get the job done.

Enjoy Your Carpets in Good Health

According to carpet cleaners Las Vegas safe and effective carpet cleaning guide, routine carpet cleaning will help cure any health issues which might arise from an ill-maintained carpet. Make sure the cure isn't worse than the cause by following the steps outlined above.

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