Truck Mounts System & Cleaning Equipment

For just about every carpet or upholstery cleaning job we do, Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Services uses a truck mounted system with cleaning equipment to do it. Our many years of experience in the industry has taught us that these powerful and specialist pieces of equipment provide the best all round results in profession carpet and upholstery cleaning and the minimum of fuss and upheaval for our customers. From domestic or professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, even curtains or drapes, in your home, in the office, the retail outlet or the showroom we have a mobile extraction service for you.

You must have noticed one or some of your fleet of trucks with their exclusive livery driving around Las Vegas by day and sometimes at night and asked yourself, what are these trucks and what do the do?

Basically there are three kinds of truck mounted steam extraction cleaners and they are all equally effective in their own right. The most popular truck mounted cleaning systems are gas powered, with the others being usually electrically powered. So why are the gas powered steam driven extraction machines more effective than the electric driven ones?

The answer is simple - because the cleaning equipment is self contained. In other words, it has its own independent power source which may be the truck's engine or a separate petrol driven engine. No matter what the source is, these machines generate tremendous power to generate sufficient power and all important steam to extract the dirt and the grime from all of your upholstery, carpets and rugs. There is no need to draw on expensive electricity from your own home and the equipment stays outside and not inside your home. Usually, portable light weight electric driven machines are suitable for more delicate carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs, especially for localized stains, but for the bigger jobs, we find that truck mounted cleaning equipment is by far and away the most effective.

The next time you are contemplating getting some carpet and upholstery cleaning done in your home, take the time to ask people who will be quoting for the job, what kind of equipment they will use for your carpet or upholstery cleaning job and call Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning. Settle for nothing less than truck mounts system & cleaning equipment steam operated from a gas powered engine. This is the winning combination in carpet and upholstery cleaning and you should settle for nothing less. At Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning we have the most powerful and modern equipment in the city at our disposal.

In moments of crisis, Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning fleet of truck mounted extraction cleaners will be there for you. Our 24 / 7 Emergency Services - RESPONSE FOR WET CARPET DRYING can be with you in minutes if you have a flood or a fire on your premises or in your home, there is nothing to beat those super powerful extraction pumps can remove water and prevent permanent staining and damage to your valuable rugs, carpets and upholstery.

For all your carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs, or any one of our wide range of cleaning service Call Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas at 702-448-7621

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